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[left mouse] camera rotation
[mouse wheel] zoom

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The helicopter

With this app you can fly a helicpter and observe the movement of all significant parts which cause the chopper to fly. The pressure to air melecules is symbolized with small particles.

A document explaining isn't available at the moment here, but it is pretty self explanatory during the use of the app.\\ I had to compromise over the controls of the coppers for the keyboard adoptation.
Pressing [W] cause the chopper to fly forwards, but thats finally only the final effect. During the first seconds of pressure the chopper bends forwards (cause of the bending of the discs). Having reached a certain bow angle, the discs move back like the pilot would have pressed [S]. This would have been unplayable. So: You see the right movement of parts on screen, but you still got your typical gameplay movement.
Also, to keep things enjoyable, the chopper keeps his height during forward- and sidewards movements without having to adjust the height movement...

At the moment I can imagen to expland one day the controls with a more realistic option for analog controllers. Maybe even to build a small game out of this enviroment...

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For a better understanding why the plates lean sidewards for forward movement, see also the topic
gyroscopic precession
gyroscopic precession

An expaining video about helicopter and gyroscopic precission is part of the german video version about flying.
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