A new year… a new webpage…(01.01.2019)

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With the upcoming New Year I decided to do a makeover of some apps I developed once. Hence I needed a new page to reach a new standard. With this step I decided to go bilingual in order to reach a wider audience.
Such an update became mandatory. Some of the reasons were:
•The menu-size depends now on the screen-size. Buttons were very small on 4K screens… and took half the screen on smartphones.
•The source code became much more economic. I translated js-files to cs-files and optimized many parts of the original source code. Now I work mostly with arrays… Find()-Request got reduces and nearly extinguished… a lot of performance changes were made. Many of these changes can’t be seen on first side… but needed to be done…

To maintain this new standard I embedded all updated apps into one single app with multiple scenes. Due to these changes user can quickly explore other categories on the fly… and I don’t have to update reused script in all projects separately.
In order to maintain this high standard… compared to before, I will only keep the new ones online.

I would like to maintain following points:
• At least one more language per scene.
• Programmed in C
• A high performance in source code
• A less generous operating menu in order to gain more intuitively handling

For the time being I decided to get rid of Javascript, JQuery and Side-analytic-tools on the page… back to basic…

What I’m definitely going to create is a list of points, I might update… I might change… I might plan for upcoming remakes… and a list of old projects…
This website is under construction. Old projects are still being adopted for this web version. This website is planned to be partially bilingual. It is a slow work in progress. Last update: August 2019
Arthur Kronenberger